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Personal Injury Case Settlement

A $1,350,000 settlement was reached in a motorcycle collision where the plaintiff was struck and killed by an oncoming vehicle that made an unexpected left turn in front of him. The 45 year old plaintiff suffered significant blunt force injuries and was pronounced dead at the local Hospital emergency department. The defendant was insured by

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Forever Hold Your Peace: The Advantages of Silence

An admission, by its very nature, carries an enormous amount of credibility and weight, with investigators, as well as FAA attorneys, and administrative judges  in later proceedings. Admissions are as close to silver bullets as legal evidence gets because they can carry multiple elements of the offense or violation the authority needs to prove. Matthew

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Happy Holidays!

We at Furey, Donovan, Tracy & Daly, P.C. want to say thank you to you for a great year. We’re glad to have helped so many members of the community to resolve their problems, get their business started or moving in a more positive direction, prepare for the future with important legal documents such wills,

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Why Writing a Will is Important

According to polls done by nationally renowned financial journals, at least half of all adults don’t have a last will and testament. There are a few reasons for this, including the idea that making a will isn’t an urgent need or a will is simply unnecessary. Of course, many people avoid writing a will because

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WTIC 1080 Radio’s “Law Talk”

Check out Attorney Mike Daly’s guest appearance on WTIC 1080 Radio’s “Law Talk” segment from July 22, 2017. Click to Listen.

Demystifying Living Wills and Powers of Attorney

There may come a time in your life when you cannot advocate on your own behalf because of physical or mental restrictions. While it’s not pleasant to think about such a possibility, there is a way to prepare and get peace of mind. You can create a series of legal documents that express your wishes

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