Charged With Criminal Drug Possession? Hire an Attorney.

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Criminal drug possession is a serious offense in Connecticut. A conviction could saddle you with thousands in fines or decades of jail time. Hiring a criminal defense attorney is your best shot at getting a positive outcome. Residents in New Britain, Southington, Bristol, CT and the surrounding areas turn to Furey, Donovan, Cooney & Dyer, PC when they need a solid criminal defense. As your attorney, we will fight aggressively for you in and out of the courtroom.

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What should you do if you're arrested for criminal drug possession?

What should you do if you're arrested for criminal drug possession?

If the police arrest you for suspicion of drug possession, there are some important do's and don'ts you should remember. During your interaction with New Britain, Southington or Bristol, CT law enforcement, you should...

  • Stay calm- don't escalate the situation any further
  • Refrain from saying anything in order to avoid incrimination
  • Avoid signing anything a police officer gives you
  • Call a criminal defense attorney ASAP
Never try to talk your way out of a drug arrest. You could end up ruining your case. Trust our legal team to defend your rights throughout the legal proceedings.