Criminal Court Operations

Governor Lamont recently announced the first phase of easing the State of Connecticut Covid 19 quarantine restrictions. In light of that announcement, the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch is planning to expand court house operations effective May 27th. On that day 13 courthouses will be open and operational – 1 courthouse in each Judicial District.    For locations with more than one courthouse in the district, the JD courthouse will reopen, while the other courts in the district remain shuttered.  The 6 courts that are currently operating will continue to operate.    As of this moment, the Judicial Branch is planning to maintaining a 3-days per week schedule for Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays, however, coinciding with the May 27th expansion, they are planning to transition their hours of operation to full court days (9-5) on all 3 days. Additional information can be found on the State of Connecticut Judicial website at or the State of Connecticut website at