State of Connecticut Judicial Branch Expanded Remote Capabilities

The State of Connecticut Judicial Branch this week announced it is expanding its remote capabilities. Among the expanded functions are:



*Non-arguable matters will be ruled on remotely and arguable motions marked ready will be scheduled for remote hearings on the record.

*Remote court trials are being scheduled and conducted.

*Individuals may apply for civil protective orders via email or fax.



*Individuals may remotely request their divorce decrees.

*Parties with non-adversarial divorces may ask that those matters be approved without having to go to court.

*Virtual courtrooms are being set up to begin conducting limited hearings in Family Support Magistrate Matters.



*A "nolle and prosecution declined" docket has been established. The docket is heard every Wednesday. Attorneys with appearances in the file will be notified through e-services.

*Family Services are conducting Assessment and Pre-Trial Supervision via telephone.

*Criminal Courts are conducting remote pre-trial conferences with a focus on cases in which a person is detained in custody on a pretrial matter.

*Remote hearings, including pleas and sentences, for incarcerated individuals are being held using "Remote Justice", a virtual courtroom technology.


To see a full list of the newly announced Expanded Remote Capabilities go the State Judicial Branch website at: